Overbearing corporate power constitutes the greatest threat to a thriving working society, a genuine democracy, and a habitable planet. Overmatched workers see their wages suppressed and stolen, and their lives dictated and controlled by massive employers who are unaccountable to them. Consumers see their options shrink as they are pulled into unequal engagement with vast enterprises, and bound by contracts which forfeit their rights. A handful of enormous corporations wield extraordinary power over the political and legal systems, further entrenching that very power. In a time of global inequality, with current systems driving us towards an increasingly uninhabitable planet, these dynamics constitute a genuine crisis.

Each of these problems is exacerbated when a handful of corporations dominate a market, reducing competition and empowering their worst practices, often in clear violation of antitrust law and principles. Justice Catalyst supports efforts to enforce competition and antitrust law, beginning to level the playing field and give workers, consumers, and the planet a fighting chance.