The Systemic Justice Project at Harvard Law was launched in 2014 in response to the organizers’ convictions that (1) our legal system and system of legal education are broken, (2) the flaws in both are connected and systemic, (3) understanding those flaws and how to address them should be a primary focus at Harvard Law School, and (4) students should be leaders in that effort. One prominent drawback with both law and legal education is the role each plays in insulating and disconnecting their participants from policy problems and the suffering they cause.

One goal of the Systemic Justice Project is to help counter those effects by giving students the opportunity to work on issues that they care about, to think about those issues systemically, to connect with experts, activists, and lawyers working on those problems, and to share their findings. This conference is a manifestation of that experiment in problem-centric, bottom-up, systemic pedagogy. It is built around presentations and showcases by students in the Justice Lab and the Systemic Justice Course, supplemented by panels of students, lawyers, and educators.