Justice Catalyst Law, a nonprofit law firm that is committed to the pursuit of justice, is investigating a potential case that could challenge the prison–industrial complex. We believe that families and friends of incarcerated people have substantially overpaid for calls and jails from prisons and may have a claim.

If you have been charged high prices for phone calls to or from people in jails, we want to hear your story. Justice Catalyst Law is particularly interested in connecting with individuals who have paid $14.99 for a single collect call to or from a jail or prison. Individuals who paid these charges often received collect calls from their incarcerated loved ones and were asked to pay $14.99 to accept the call.

Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in speaking with a lawyer confidentially and without any cost or obligation about filing a lawsuit. 

Located in NY and D.C., Justice Catalyst Law is a nonprofit organization and law firm devoted to advancing economic justice and driving social and economic reform.  Our attorneys are barred in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington D.C. This might be considered ATTORNEY ADVERTISING under your state’s laws and ethical rules governing the practice of law.  Approved by Benjamin Elga, Esq.