Emergency room billing is an important piece of health care’s skyrocketing prices. Millions of people are saddled with medical debt every year, and medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.  Emergency rooms are a source of tremendous stress as patients receive unexpected (and unexpectedly high) bills.

Emergency rooms, especially those that contract with hospital staffing companies, often bill patients directly and charge unjustified amounts. These ER staffing companies make money by letting patients believe that the companies are legally entitled to the amounts listed on medical bills. But there is no contract and no law requiring such high prices – the patient never agreed to the amount listed and an insurance company would never pay the requested rate! In many cases, the only basis for inflated emergency room bills is the ER company’s desire to profit.  

If you paid a bill from your emergency room visit, and would like to help combat this problem, Justice Catalyst Law would like to talk about your experience with emergency room overbilling.