A very troubling practice has come to Justice Catalyst Law’s attention: Justice Catalyst Law has been hearing from people across the country that either when people are being admitted to the hospital or as part of hospital’s bill collection practices, hospitals are pushing people to sign up for a credit card – sometimes called a “Care Card” or “CreditCare” – to cover people’s medical bills. These credit cards come with ultra high interest rates and hospitals are using them as an excuse to refuse to provide charity care.

Justice Catalyst Law is working with Dollar For, a nonprofit advocating for patients with overwhelming medical expenses, to get to the bottom of this and find a way to push back. Our team wants to talk to people who have faced this really unfair and predatory practice. If this happened to you and you are willing to talk to the team, please get the basic information to us below and let us know when and how we can get in touch with you to learn more.