Dollar For has been hearing from many people across the country about yet another type of game-playing by hospitals in relation to charity care – what people have been reporting is that after they have been approved for charity care by a hospital, the hospital is refusing to refund the payments they made to the hospital while they were waiting to get their charity care application approved (or during the time before they filed their charity care application usually because they were not yet aware of the program!).  

This makes no sense to us! If a person qualifies for charity care, the total bill should be paid. Hospitals cannot just keep payments made before the charity care application was approved as a windfall. This is not right and clearly is not fair. 

Dollar For is working with Justice Catalyst Law, a human rights nonprofit law firm, to get to the bottom of this and find a way to make sure anyone who qualifies for charity care gets a full refund of all payments they made while waiting for approval. If this happened to you and you are willing to talk to the team, please let us know by providing some basic information and let us know when and how we can get in touch with you to learn more.