Justice Catalyst Law, a nonprofit law firm, is actively investigating inflated medical bills from Emergency and Acute Care Medical Corp, and Progressive Management Systems.   

Medical debt is truly an epidemic in the United States: more than one in four Americans have had trouble paying a recent medical billA recent study found that $45 billion in medical bills are currently in collections.   

Medical care providers often set their prices at very high levels, and then negotiate some amount of discount with insurance companies. This pricing system is particularly unfair to anyone who has to pay the provider’s high rates out of pocket, including people who are uninsured, whose insurance does not cover much of the bill, or are out of network for that provider. In many situations, patients have no way of knowing whether a provider or doctor is out of network. The result of this arbitrary pricing system is a lot of surprise bills that go to debt collectors, demanding amounts that are far higher than their reasonable value. 

Progressive Management Systems is a widely used collection agency in southern California. It often pursues patients on behalf of large hospitals, including Sharp HealthcareScripps Health, and UCLA Medical Center. 

If Progressive Management Systems is demanding that you pay a medical bill, and you feel it is unfair, we want to hear your story. Please fill out the information below if you are interested in being contacted confidentially and without obligation or charge. 

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