Justice Catalyst Law is investigating a potential case that could reform the healthcare industry and make medical bills fairer and more transparent.

Emergency rooms often over-bill uninsured and out-of-network patients across the country.  In many cases, hospitals and their staffing agencies are billing, referring debts to debt collectors, and even suing for these inflated amounts.

Corporations are acting as if there is no limit to what they can charge, when in fact, there are laws governing how much an emergency room company can charge.  Recent news reports in NPR, ProPublica, and the New York Times have shown that when patients challenge these bills in court, it often turns out they are inflated.  A few well-placed challenges against the corporations sending these inflated bills could potentially drive the whole industry to reform.

If you have a debt from an emergency room visit because you were uninsured or out-of-network with your insurance, we want to hear your story.  Please fill out the information below if you are interested in speaking with us confidentially about filing a lawsuit to right this wrong and whether it makes sense for you.

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