Sparking Collaborations for Justice



Justice Catalyst activates path-breaking approaches to social justice lawyering that have real-world impact and improve the lives of those denied access to justice.

Justice Catalyst takes on social justice issues that fall between the cracks of traditional advocacy models, by connecting advocates with diverse specialties and applying a cross-disciplinary approach to the law.


Fellowship Opportunities

Justice Catalyst administers one-year, potentially renewable, project-based fellowships for graduating law students, or students completing a post-graduation clerkship, to support innovative public interest work at non-profit organizations. Learn more and apply today!

Did you get an unexpected bill from COVID-19 treatment or testing?

Did you get an unexpected bill from COVID-19 treatment or testing?

During this pandemic, no one should be denied or overcharged for care to receive coronavirus testing or treatment. Congress has provided billions of dollars for reimbursement of claims for uninsured people. It also has required group health plans and health insurance...

COVID-19 Rapid Reaction/Systems Summer Institute

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with SJP and PPP to launch the COVID-19 Rapid Reaction/Systems Summer Institute, which will employ law students in full-time (or volunteer part-time) summer legal fellowships, working with legal and law-related organizations on the front lines of responding to the COVID-19 crisis.